In Loving Memory

This post emphasizes the answer to the question of “Aren’t these kids better off in there own country?” Praise God for the work he is doing through Wide Awake Family!

Wide Awake Family

I was sitting at the doctor with Vladik yesterday when I got the text.

Our sweet Dima had left this earth, gone to be with Jesus. He was twenty-seven years old and he was my love.


Dima had been ill and away in a special hospital for the past several months. We missed him desperately and couldn’t wait for him to get well and return to us. He did return last month, but to our dismay he looked terrible. He was so much worse, not at all healthy. He was thin and yellow and just so sick. After only a few days he was taken back to the hospital, several hours away. He died there a couple of days ago and was buried yesterday at the cemetery in the town of Romaniv. We went to see where his body was laid, surrounded by the graves of other boys gone before…

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