The March of Time

A Patient Nurse

Enlight 5.jpg

March is a month of contradiction — the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing and all. We see in it the ups and downs of “March Madness” and the rogue winter storms covering freshly sprung daffodils; it is also evident in the types of patients presenting to trauma centers. March, in fact, holds in my remembrance one of my most tragic patients. A tragedy that continues to effect me both as a nurse and a father.

“FlightMed en route with a pediatric trauma code. Victim is 3 months old status post restrained rear seat passenger MVC with tractor trailer. Pediatric Advance Life Support measures in progress. 15 minutes to rooftop”

Our pediatric trauma team activates and prepares for the infant’s arrival. Personnel assemble, roles are delegated and supplies are gathered. I’m the nurse manager of this team of experts. My role is logistics and team support. There is…

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