How Do You Know?

It’s finally happening – Our new daughter is coming home!!!

Dad Just Happened!

One of the common questions about adoption asked of us is, “How do you choose your kids, um like, how do you know?” The simple answer is that we don’t, we just do! It started like this:

“Hey Amy, what do you think of adopting a kid with Down Syndrome?”

Her response: “I don’t think about adopting a kid with Down Syndrome!” Mike drop – DONE!

Several weeks later, something moves in her and she hands me this picture:


“His name is Ivan, he’s seven years old and I love him”, Amy says to me. I look at her and see this isn’t the kind of love like my, “I love creme filled donuts”. Instead, this expression is like the moment a mother’s just-born child gets placed upon her chest. Her passion transforms a two-dimensional picture into love with length, breadth, depth and height in my own heart. It is…

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Capturing the Boroughs Family

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Twelve Stones Photography

I was looking forward to a chance to document this family for a while. It was different than any other documentary session I’ve done before, in the most awesome way. I love this huge family and their amazing hearts. The dad’s description of their family from his blog (which you should totally go check out) is “12 kids from 4 continents, 1 deaf dog, 7 seven chickens, and 2 exhausted parents all living under one roof”. Such a special family makes for a really fun afternoon of documentary photography.

From Amy and Adam:

“Dear Heather,

We just had to send you a note to thank you for the work you did on our documentary session – we love the results! 12 kids, a deaf dog and two exhausted parents make a traditional portrait session impossible. Your creative method of inserting yourself into the middle of our lives then, blending into…

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The March of Time

A Patient Nurse

Enlight 5.jpg

March is a month of contradiction — the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing and all. We see in it the ups and downs of “March Madness” and the rogue winter storms covering freshly sprung daffodils; it is also evident in the types of patients presenting to trauma centers. March, in fact, holds in my remembrance one of my most tragic patients. A tragedy that continues to effect me both as a nurse and a father.

“FlightMed en route with a pediatric trauma code. Victim is 3 months old status post restrained rear seat passenger MVC with tractor trailer. Pediatric Advance Life Support measures in progress. 15 minutes to rooftop”

Our pediatric trauma team activates and prepares for the infant’s arrival. Personnel assemble, roles are delegated and supplies are gathered. I’m the nurse manager of this team of experts. My role is logistics and team support. There is…

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School Holiday: A Survival Pictorial

Well, it’s yet another day off of school for President’s Day. In fact, it’s vacation day five for some of our crew and the “I need my routine back” is setting in hard. Thankfully, we have sunny skies and 60 degree weather in February!


So we pack ’em up and take them to the place where everyone, and I mean everyone, else is eating lunch today.

The price I pay for my rookie parenting mistake is getting to enjoy listening to this Junior Road Rager scream “CMON MOOO IT” continuously for the 23 minutes it takes to get our order (she’s not talking to the cow mascot. She means MOOOVE it)!


So we survive the remainder of the 10 minute ride to an adaptive playground and everyone digs in to lunch.


I attempt to charge a Dad Tax of one chicken nugget per kid and Maddie isn’t going for it!

Knowing she’s a force to be reckoned with, I don’t push it (Provoke not thy children!)

In the end though, I achieve what I call 6 for 6 PCFAS or Post Chick-fil-A Satiation:


One of my rules though — a good carb load needs an equal off-load, so we head to the courts:


It’s all fun and games until someone catches a ball to the head. Why does it have to be her?


Irina starts flipping out and yelling so Amy takes her over to this clever device:


I’ve got to install one of these face mufflers at my house!

Poor Maddie is on neck precautions until her surgery next month. Thank goodness for this swing set that keeps her safe and, for a brother that’s willing to hang with her!


Now back in the car (Irina all the way in the back now) and to home we go!


Seven pottied, showered and backpacks packed in preparation for school and it’s playtime before dinner.


Dinner becomes the favorite leftover from the past 3 nights including Italian Wedding Soup, Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings and/or Turkey Noodle Soup.

Then it off to bed for Kindle Time (Barney, Power Rangers and iCarly) for an hour before sleepy time!

Then a homemade dinner for parents only — Pepper Beef and Scallops in Garlic Sauce!


But just as I put a bite in my mouth, a college kid calls looking for something @ home that had to be found immediately! And…


that’s when I went a little Daffy!

I almost made it then…

Dad Just Happened!